Hiring Home Builders in Colorado Springs: Important Pitfalls to Avoid

Building a home in Colorado Springs is an exciting endeavor, but it can quickly turn into a nightmare if you are not prepared when hiring a home builder. To help you embark on this adventure with confidence, here is a compiled a list of essential pitfalls to avoid. So, put on your construction hat, grab a cup of joe, and let’s dive in!

Overlooking Credentials

Do not be fooled by builders who claim to be masters of all trades. Check their credentials, licenses, and certifications. Remember, you want a skilled builder, not a magician who can pull a rabbit out of a two-by-four!

Ignoring References

Just like you would not hire a babysitter without checking their references, do not skip this step with home builders. Ask for references, talk to previous clients, and find out if they were “nail-biters” or “dream-weavers” when it came to building homes.

Skipping the Contract

Failing to have a detailed contract is like going skydiving without a parachute – exciting until you hit the ground. Ensure the contract covers all aspects of the project, including costs, timelines, and any possible changes that may arise. Do not let your dream home become a house of cards.

Falling for Lowball Offers

Beware of builders who offer the moon for a handful of pennies. Quality construction comes at a price, and lowball offers may end up costing you more in the long run.

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